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Aventi Industries

Making Mealtimes Memorable

Based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, we offer a range of food & beverage products. Our manufacturing capabilities allow us to deliver excellent value while simultaneously maintaining a benchmark quality level. Our uncompromising focus on quality and value allows us to meet our clients' needs and ensure satisfaction.

About Us


We are Aventi Industries

Our Goals

To provide the markets we serve with a high quality, food and beverage experience that is everyday affordable.

Made in Dubai

All our products are manufactured in Dubai at our facility in Dubai Investment Park

Quality Products

Our team sources our ingredients from all over the globe to ensure industry leading product quality

Manufacturing Excellence

Our manufacturing processes go beyond just our HAACP and ISO Certifications. We innovate continuously so that our products always getting made better, faster and with an elevated quality level

Customer Focused

Leading brands choose Aventi for their private label needs because of our commitment to quality and providing products made to meet their exacting specifications